Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

One of the unexpected benefits of writing you for the last three years is that I can look back into your archives and read about not only what I was doing one, two, or three years ago, but also what I was thinking, dreaming, pondering, and otherwise generally blathering on about at those times.

As you know, I do sometimes actually browse through my old posts and remind myself of what was going on in my head in the past. Is that narcissistic? Am I the only blogger in the world that does this? Or the only one prepared to own up to it?

Anyway, back in April 2005 I had only been blogging for a few months and hadn't really gotten into my stride. That month I went on a long road trip to the Florida Keys to attend one of Rick White's Sailing Seminars and then, on the way back up north, I raced in the US Laser Nationals in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. I see that I wrote posts about the areas of my sailing that needed improvement and how I screwed up in one of the drills at the seminar, and was also whining about all the minor injuries I sustained there.

By April 2006 I think I was definitely well into the blogging swing. I was actively sailing in the Laser frostbite series at Cedar Point YC in Connecticut and posted this picture of me making a front-line start in one race. (No I didn't use Photoshop. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.)

Usually my finishes were not as good as my starts. I wrote about one such day in Wheeze Uck.

I was also showing my serious, analytical side on the blog with a whole series of posts about Dave's Top Ten Tactical Tips (based on a lecture by Dave Dellenbaugh that I had attended) and was provoking my readers to share their (lack of) knowledge about how sails really work in a series of post such as Geeking Out. There was also time for some fun too with lighter observations on sailing such as Weather Forecast for Sunday and Rule 18 Protest Hearing. And I did find an excuse to show you all some pictures of my new granddaughter in Yoga.

Last April it seems I wasn't doing so much sailing or blogging as I was in the middle of a house move (actually literally homeless for all of April) and was training for the London Marathon.
I wrote about running the marathon and I see I was still stirring things up with some geeky posts such as Why? and Apparent Winds, Shear and Twist. Of course, I still found an excuse to post a picture of my granddaughter in a post title Red Sox Nation.

And I did write about my first sail of the year in the north-east in Best Six Things About Sailing Saturday.

Hmmm. I sailed in Massachusetts before April 9 last year did I? Seems like it's time to go sailing. See ya.


Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

Blogging can be addictive in a silly way sometimes, huh? but yeah! you've shared so much of yourself thru your blog, and I'm grateful for that.

So much and so much fun along the way as well! wOOt!

Looks like you've got a HUGE sailing calender ahead of you for this season - and enjoy - every - minute!

Mal :)

Carol Anne said...

You have perhaps discounted your influence.

While there were many other factors involved in my getting into racing sailing, I would never even have given it the slightest thought had it not been for your blog.

Before you, I was just a writer, telling tales, some true, some not so true. You happened upon one of my tales and invited me into your world, and suddenly, I saw a side of sailing that I had never completely understood before.

Because of you, I said "yes" when I was invited to become part of a competitive women's sailing program. Even though that program was less than successful, I ended up getting into racing sailing, and I now have the most beautiful boat -- provided beautiful is about performance and not about creature comforts.

Tillerman, your blog has changed my life.

Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

Woah! There ya go, Master and Commander Tillerman - changing lives for the positive! You are a legend!
Mal :)

Tillerman said...

Thanks for those kind words Carol Anne. It's kind of scary to think that my random jottings here could cause someone I've never met to follow my example in any way. I can only hope that anyone that chooses to buy a Laser or go racing as a result of this blog finds it a positive experience.

EVK4 said...

Here's how we can fix that too much time on your hands problem.

bonnie said...

You may have had something to do with my quitting my part time schooner job & taking up dinghy sailing instead, too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Edward, like Peter Johnstone (who responded to this thread on the forum) I don't meet the qualifications.

And why would I want to put up with all the inevitable hassle involved in this job when any day I can go sailing within a mile or two of the office of the poor sod who gets this job... and today I did.

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