Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Name is Tillerman and I am an Aerobian

I haven't sailed my Laser since April. It sits there on its trailer in my garage and looks at me mournfully every time I choose to go RS Aero sailing.

The photo above is from John Dawson-Edwards' Facebook page and show John's friends in Canada loading up a trailer with Lasers to drive down to Florida for some Laser regattas.

It is true that the Laser is basically twice the weight of an RS Aero, but I had forgotten that that apparently means you need a fork lift truck to put a Laser on a roof rack.

So sad, as our next President would say.

I am an aerobian now.

RS Aero designer Jo Richards carrying a fully rigged Aero single-handed, 
holding toe-strap and boom


Alden Smith said...

Happy new year - have enjoyed your blog over 2016 - happy (very light weight) sailing for 2017.

Tillerman said...

Thanks Alden. There may be some changes coming to the blog in 2017. Faster. Higher. Stronger.

Watch this space.

Barubi said...

Does the transmogrification of Laserian to Aerobian require the blessings of an existing member of the brethren, or just the application of rum?

Tillerman said...

Great question Barubi. You are not considered a full member of the Aerobian cult until you have undergone the total immersion ceremony. Followed by rum, of course.

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