Thursday, September 22, 2005

SlowSailer Racing Association

So the hallowed New England Old Laser Buggers event has been and gone... I thought I might as well go and join in the fun... well get drunk with the old geezers anyway...

So what happened, not 100% sure.. me and wifey drove up to Massachusetts on Friday afternoon/evening... raining all the time with Hurricane Ophelia lurking offshore.....arrived at home of son #1 and his missus....blew up the airbed we were supposed to sleep on...drank some cheap Ozzie plonk... ate something that used to have feathers...drank more of the Ozzie plonk... sat around and talked.... drank.....admired swelling belly of son #1's wifey with grandkid #1 still inside....drank.... bed ... slept (not well)... breakfast, coffeee, drove to Newport in more rain.....rigged boat and waited... chilling....

Sailing.....God its been too long sorry... Friday night the forecast said 40 to 50 gusting 60 for Saturday am....well it wasn't 40 but certinly blown Dogs off chains....there were big swells from Ophelia coming from the south and with the wind from the north the waves were breaking in the middle of the bay.... so we blasted out in a breeze that wasn't as scary as it looked except that at the bottom of the waves you were hunched up on the deck and then on the top it was fekin blowy and you had to hiek like crazy and ride ride ride that b'stard down into trough hell agin.

Had crap starts and crap beats but somehow managed to keep the BIG white flappy thing above the blue plastic thing and the cold, wet stuff and had OK races, not last anyway! happy, buzzin, exstatic and basicall in the SlowSailor groove proper...

After sailing, me, wifey, Doug, Pat and all the other old buggers went off to the regatta bash at the local Police Frat Hall... some nice food, veggie lasagna, cow lasagna, crap Mexican lots of drinking, speeches, giving out of "silly things", drinking, chatting - everything was some Canadian bird sang the rubber ducky song and Joe played his trumpet and so we all nothing really more exciting happened me and wifey went off to cheapo MiseriLodge motel for the night

Sunday came and less wind.... so after the very slow crawl out of bed and hangover breakfast of stale bagel and stale donut at cheapo motel and early morning piss in the portaloo at the beach... first race was crap light but then the wind kicked in from the SW so swells going downwind caught some rides on the lumpy things..but not a good weekend for the SlowSailor Racing Association...ended up last in the really old bugger age group...bummer

So, where to next.... Annapolis weekend after next

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