Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What I Wore

A few days ago Scheherazade wrote a post about what she wore while coaching in the rain. Someone made a comment on her blog questioning whether anyone was really interested in how she dressed, but I found it interesting.

Then a few days ago I found a UK sailing blogger who likes to post pictures on his blog of the sailing equipment he buys such as his buoyancy aid and trapeze harness.

So in those traditions, here are is a picture of what I normally wear for frostbite sailing. When I showed up to do RC duty for the frostbite fleet on Sunday, the guy in charge "motivated" us by saying, "You're gonna be cold. You're gonna be miserable. If you have a drysuit, wear it."

So I did.

My Henri-Lloyd drysuit. Goretex so when I sweat my clothes underneath don't get soaked. Latex booties so my feet stay totally dry and warm in two pairs of socks. Seals at ankle and neck to keep the water out. I've had it several years now and it is incredibly durable. I do look after it, always rinse it in fresh water after use, oil the seals and lubricate the zipper occasionally and it is holding up well.

I generally wear thick neoprene gloves or, if it's really cold, latex gloves with glove liners in which case my hands stay totally dry. A ski hat to keep my head warm. So the only part of my body exposed to the elements is my face.

Next week I actually get to sail. Can't wait.

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EVK4 said...

This is one of my favorite photos on Flickr. It's the contents of a Chicago (now Seattle) sailor's bag.

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