Sunday, June 11, 2006

Australian Battle Group

Do you ever feel like taking out your aggression on a fellow boater? Here's your chance to indulge that ultimate fantasy in a group where it's OK to sink your mate's boat.

Check out
The Australian Battle Group a society of Aussies who "build and sail 1/144 scale Radio-Controlled Model Warships from WWI and WWII which are armed with CO2 powered cannon and armoured in thin balsa. These vessels engage each other in combat on ponds across Australia, endeavoring to punch holes in each others hull with their cannon until one of the vessels sinks or flees. Yes, the cannon really do fire, the vessels really do take damage and sink, and yes, it is legal in all states and territories of Australia without a gun license."

Does that look like fun, or what?


johnsee said...


That's actually a group in my city!
I'd almost go along just for a look >D

It must get a little depressing though:

Members please arrive at 9.30am for a 10.30am start. The first battle will start at 10.30am and finish at 11.15am. The second battle will begin at 12.00pm and finish when second to last ship is sunk!

When the last ship is sunk? I think it'd hurt to much to every week fix something up only to see it get damaged and sunk again! Very cool thought never the less!

OG said...

We are an interesting bunch over here!!!

Fred said...

TILLERMAN! Good morning,
you might not have known the following at the time of posting. I read the other day: A fella trying to retrieve his RCB (radio controlled boat) from the middle of a lake, took a rubberdinghy and paddled out. During the trip he got punctured by another RCB and the rubberthing sank. The guy drowned.
So please be careful out there. Do not fire or ram into rubberduckies. Especially if they are carrying people.

Tillerman said...

Hey fred - you haven't been reading my blog often enough. I covered that story in my June 3 post. I guess there's an even bigger risk of sinking an inflatable at this Australian group with boats firing ball bearings at each other.

Dwayne Clark said...

I love it!! Beats the real thing!


Fred said...

Sorry Tillerman,
I might have read it on your blog and elsewhere. It is so difficult to cope with all this info, to put it into the right (brain) boxes. Nevertheless, I love reading and learning and by contributing in english language, improving all the time.
smooth sailing, Fred, Germany

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