Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Blasting Lasers

There were a few days on my recent sailing jaunt in Minorca when it was blowing around 20-25 knots with gusts in the 30s. Sadly I have no pics of the action there.

But the conditions were similar for the Queensland Metropolitan Championships last weekend and there are some photos of that event on the Laser Forum and even more in the gallery at Live Sail Die. There's also a write-up on the racing at Split Tacks.

Here are a couple of samples...


EVK4 said...

That guy in the second picture looks awfully fat to be in a Laser. Don't you have class rules or something?

Tillerman said...

Edward - it's very inconsiderate and hurtful of you to comment on a sailor's weight. That sailor or someone very close to him may be reading this blog.

In any case, he looks very trim and fit to me.

Tony said...

Good looking bloke in the first photo!

Tony said...

And I can assure you that the guy in the second photo is very fit and trim. He sails his Laser four or five days a week and puts in a lot of miles on his bike in-between. If anything, he's probably too small for a Radial.

I'd be happy to be half as fit as him when I reach his age!

EVK4 said...

Oh, that's a laser he's sailing, not an RS Vareo.....of course he's not fat.

Anonymous said...

The guy in the second photo is my dad.

59 years old.

The best guy you could ever meet.

Worked hard his whole life now sails a laser full time.

Weights 73 kgs.

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