Monday, June 11, 2007

Improper Course

Don't you just hate those people who abandon their blogs for several weeks or months, and who then resume posting with some pathetic story full of excuses for their absence such as I lost my job/ the job's a bitch/ my wife left me/ my wife is too demanding/ the dog died/ the dog ate all my notes/ I've just got back from a month taking photos of villas in the Med/ or some similar tale of woe?

So I'm not going to fall into that trap by boring you with a tale of how I've been too busy moving into a new house and dealing with all the hassles of lawyers/banks/movers/cable guys/phone guys, and helping Tillerwoman buy all the new furniture/kitchen appliances/rugs/lamps/garden equipment/ etc./ etc. that we apparently need now we have a smaller house. Because that would be too too tedious and would only be part of the truth.

Nor will I tell you how much we love our new house and how just hanging out here, and admiring the scenery, and watching sailboats as we eat our dinner, and enjoying the sunsets has induced such a feeling of relaxed satisfaction that blogging has been the furthest thing from my mind. Because I know that's of no interest to my remaining three readers and is only a partial explanation for my absence anyway.

And I'm certainly not going to tell you that living in this gorgeous corner of Rhode Island is like being on vacation every day and that I'm so chilled out that I haven't even sailed my Laser since we moved because that would sound totally lame and would not fit at all with the image I've projected in this blog of being a die-hard Laser sailor who sails in rain, hail, ice, hurricane and snow. You would think I'm getting old or soft or both and would ask me why the hell I moved to live by the sea if I'm not going to go sailing soon?

So I'm just going to leave you guessing as to why this blog has been silent for three weeks. But I am back. And there is some sailing about to happen. Stay tuned.


JP said...

Hi Tillerman welcome back glad you're happy in your new home

Dwayne Clark said...

Good for you...!!

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that you chose to censor my first comment in which I used the british derivation of the classic americanism , uttered by Anthony C. McAuliffe at the battle of bastogne.

More over it was said in the same ironic spirit you employed in the article. More a wink, that we get your tongue in cheek alleged excuses (which you then deploy).

So in conclusion you exercise the right to censor , and don't get post modern irony but will use it yourself. Would you have been happier with a banal ....... congrats and glad to see you back ..!!!

Anonymous said...

The season is here Tillerman... I look forward to reading of your Laser exploits... ;)

Carol Anne said...

You know, you still gotta post some pictures.

Tillerman said...

Anonymous - thanks for explaining your previous comment. I must confess I completely failed to detect the post-modern ironic tone in the one word expletive that was the total text of your earlier comment. I apologise for my lack of sensitivity but I much prefer your second comment.

In any case you obviously didn't get the post-post-modern irony in my deletion of your comment.

Fred said...

This entry gave me one of a BIG smile. Well done Tillerman, keep going and enjoy what you are doing at present! I am totally with you. seem to still have 6 readers sofar... so this one has to contact the dictionary to understand your conversation with anonymous... hej, hej...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations , while you may not (yet) have the audience of David Chase your post modern deletion presaged its similar use and affect in the final episode of the Sopranos.

Author, author not deny your readers, more posts please, and (if you must)pictures too if it amuses your readers.

Adieu...(pas au revoir)

Tillerman said...

Anonymous - I like your style. Hope you will make more comments here.

Please choose a name so I can distinguish you from all the many other anony-mouses who may one day choose to make comments here. Just click on the "other" button under "Choose an identity" and name yourself "post-modernist" or "Joe" or whatever.

I'm pleased to note that you realised that David Chase's post-post-post-modernist use of 5 seconds of blank screen was inspired by my post-post-modernist 3 weeks of blank blogging. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Pat said...

Sailing is an acceptable excuse for blogging lacunae.

Of course, I assume that while you were spending money on furnishing the house properly, that you naturally would have taken advantage of all that loose spending activity to get your Laser a new suit of sails and re-do some of the other rigging.

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