Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I Am That Guy

A few days ago I wrote about my unhealthy focus on trying to beat one other sailor and asked whether other sailors suffered from the same mental disorder. I never expected to find the answer to my question so close to home...

At the Newport Regatta a few weeks ago one of the other sailors, someone I hadn't met before, complimented me on how well I was sailing and told me that I had improved since last year. Hmmm, that's cool I thought. Good guy. On the long sail back to the club after the first day of the Hyannis Regatta last weekend he did the same, and then started asking me what my actual finishes were. Then the next morning he wanted to know what my overall position was for the day. This carried on all weekend. Every time I met this fellow on the water or on the land he was always asking, "Where did you finish up in that race?" or "How did you do today?"

By the end of the regatta and after spending more time with him I worked out what was going on. He had been measuring his progress against mine since last year. Watching me (mainly from behind) and trying to catch me in every race.

Ohmigod! You know what this means. I am that guy!


EVK4 said...

Congratulations. Especially now that you're in the top 25% of the fleet.

Unknown said...

In the Art of Tennis book I was reading a recommended tactic to un-nerve / upset the other guy was to ask about how he did so well. Maybe he was playing a subtle mind game ?

Tillerman said...

Oh, great point stephen. Never thought of that. But I think to put someone off their game you really have to get them thinking too much about details of their technique and his questions weren't of that nature.

But you have given me an idea for a post, or maybe a whole series of posts on mind games.

Jefferson said...

I want to be that guy!

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