Friday, September 21, 2007

Fish on Friday

Aaaah. Fish and chips and mushy peas. Good old English Friday grub.

But wait. Where did you steal that photo from, Tillerman? Where can you buy this delicious dish? Debby's Pantry.

And where is that? Sosua in the Dominican Republic.

Whaaaaat? That's just down the road from Cabarete, home of the world famous Laser Caribbean Midwinters.

You mean I can have awesome wind and waves and world-class Laser coaching... and English fish and chips and mushy peas?

Sign me up Ari.


Adam Turinas said...

That is class. Although I must say not having seen mushy peas for a while they are the prettiest of foods.

Tillerman said...

Glad to be of service Adam. Come back here every Friday for more pictures of mushy peas. And if I ever run out of mushy pea pictures I will move on to a series of posts on black pudding.

Adam Turinas said...

Black pudding and spotted dick I hope too

Christy ~ Central Air said...

I so wish I hadn't chosen to check my Google Reader for new posts *immediately before lunch* today.

Mushy peas are inappropriate and unappetizing, at best.


Tillerman said...

Sorry Christy. Maybe you should be careful before you check out this blog on Fridays in future. If Adam has his way I could be posting all sorts of pictures that will look yummy and nostalgic to British ex-pats, but will make everyone else in the world want to throw up.

EVK4 said...

Christy, there is always the infamous Fish Sticks on Friday Blog.

Tillerman, I know it's not a competition, but with enough work the Fish on Friday Franchise could be wrested from Joe's Laser-hating hands.

Tillerman said...

Right on Edward. How can Joe compete?

He just has boring pictures of ladies in skimpy bathing suits holding raw fish.

We have fish sticks and mushy peas.

No contest.

Pat said...

Who murdered those poor peas? AArrgh, I be wantin' to hear a proper crunchin short o sound when I bite into me vegetables such as shrimp and chicken. (In Texas, anything that wasn't a beef steak or brisket was generally lumped in with vegetables.)

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