Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mommy Boats Redux

Back in June I wrote a post on Mommy Boats, heaping scorn on the increasingly common practice of sailors' at major Laser regattas having assistance from personal coaches on support boats. (Before, between and after the races of course. Outside assistance during races would be against the rules.)

There were even some sailors with Mommy Boats at the Masters Worlds in Spain. I wonder if that's the right name though? If older sailors have Mommy Boats shouldn't they be called Grandma Boats?

Anyway, the debate on this topic rages on in two threads on the Laser Forum and Sailing Anarchy. Both threads are mildly amusing if only for the insight they give into the mysterious ways in which some people's minds work and how they attempt to debate an issue like this. Where do people learn the rules of rational argument these days? Have they all been watching too much cable TV?

Can you spot which participants in these threads...

  • really want to improve the sport

  • are wannabe lawyers

  • are still in third grade (or at least their debating and grammar skills haven't progressed since they were in third grade)

  • are just trolls trying to be provocative

  • are off their medications?


JP said...

The sailing anarchy site seems to have too many trolls for my liking which is a shame

Anonymous said...

Then what's it all about Alfie? Don't tell me 42 or I'm going to bang a frying pan on my head and then go out for a cup of tea.

Tillerman said...

Joe, I'll lend you my frying pan when I've finished frying these fish.

Anonymous said...

You can be proud to have brought this issue to the fore. Fred S (Gouvernail) has picked up on it and and now the fire is burning in two places.
What will come of it is another matter...

Anonymous said...

Burn, baby, burn

JSW225 said...

Unfortunately, lately Sailing Anarchy has been too much Sailing Norms, and not enough Anarchy. I always try to start discussions about how college sailing is headed in the wrong direction, but I'm often treated like a leper from people who are too afraid of something different.

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