Monday, March 17, 2008

Polka Dot Racing

Before leaving for the Worlds in Australia, I was moved and touched to receive a gift from the world famous sailing blogger Edward who is not only the founder of the EVK4 Superblog, but is also a former Laser Olympic campaigner and a kick-ass ocean racer currently preparing to race Paul Cayard to Hawaii. The gift was a genuine Polka Dot Racing team T-shirt with the prestigious PDR logo on the front and the Latin motto for Edward's Olympic campaign Velox Ocius Pango on the back.

I packed the precious T-shirt on my trip to Australia and decided to wear it while rigging my boat for my second day of practice on the Saturday before the regatta. Unworthy as I am, I felt a bit embarrassed wearing the uniform of the illustrious Polka Dot Racing Team and hope that Edward will forgive my impudence.

But perhaps those magic words Velox Ocius Pango will bring me luck?


EVK4 said...

The motto's best use is actually rigging the boat. Sure, it may help you sail Velox (Fast) or even Ocius (Faster) but it really comes into its own when Pango'ing (Fastening).

Great shots, you have one heck of a photographer Wilson!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I think the motto may be jinxed. I had a lot of trouble this regatta with the Pango'ing side of things... details to follow in a later post.

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