Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Windward Mark Rounding

When rounding the windward mark, steer by heeling to windward and moving your weight aft. Ideally you should execute the turn without using any tiller movement.

What? Is that Tillerman actually getting something right on Day 1 of the Newport Laser frostbiting season? Well, judging by the telltales he should have eased the sheet more, but even so it's not too bad for an old geezer.

OK. Now all you armchair critics can pile in and tell me what else I am doing wrong.


Sam Chapin said...

Looking good! What next? Outhaul off, board up and move forward to push the boom out or do you have the ball bearing blocks and just shake the sheet (main sheet) again?

And you are in first place because I can see the second place guy right behind.

Tillerman said...

Yes, release outhaul and lift board next, and move weight way forward. (Vang and cunningham are already released.)

It was fairly light winds on Sunday but the boom was going out on the run without any need to push it.

This was actually my first day of real racing for a year! So, no, I wasn't in first place. But I wasn't last either, as you can see.

O Docker said...

This is November. Consider adjusting your latitude about 23 degrees farther south.

Andrew said...

Are you smiling enough?

JP said...

The phase "frostbiting season" makes me think that there is one other thing wrong - O Docker is on the right track.

Tillerman said...

Well spotted Andrew. I've noticed that whenever someone takes a photo of me when I'm racing I have this terribly serious expression, and never seem to be smiling. I guess it's my "game face"!

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