Monday, October 17, 2011

Third Beach Wave Fest This Weekend?

The 2011 Laser New England Masters at Third Beach, Newport happened while I was in Europe but, by all accounts, I didn't miss much. There was fog and light winds and they only managed to complete three races.

But.... check out the wind forecast for the end of this week. Heavy winds from the south and the south-west starting Wednesday night and continuing into Friday.

Should be enough to build up some big juicy swells in the mouth of the Sakonnet for Friday and they could well still be there on Saturday morning. Classic Third Beach sailing conditions.

Might even be as good as that late October day three years ago that I wrote about in Fat Boy and Little Man.

I wonder if I can persuade any of my friends to join me for a Third Beach Wave Fest followed by a pitcher of beer, bowls of chowder, fried oysters and clams at Flo's?


Baydog said...

You know, I wasn't gonna say anything've been talking a lot about food lately and every time I leave your blog I'm hungry.

Tillerman said...

Food and sailing seem to go together.

Baydog said...

I do believe you're on to something.

Pandabonium said...

Sailing, food and comradery do go together, and if the weather is sour - why not just go for the latter two? Sharing beer, chowder, fried oysters and clams would go a long way toward making one forget about the weather.

Tillerman said...

Panda, of course, has the best blog on the planet about sailing AND food, although Baydog runs him a close second. I guess my recent comments about food after sailing were unconsciously inspired by their blogs.

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