Sunday, September 23, 2012

Grandmaster Quiz

1. What is wrong with this picture?

2. What is that thing in the bottom right hand corner of the picture?

3. What move does white make next that leads to checkmate in 57 moves?

4. How old was the winning player?

5. If you knew that this picture was taken at the same place on the same day as the photo in yesterday's post, would that be of any help whatsoever in answering the questions in either post?


Baydog said...

My brain hurts.

Dallas Dude said...

1. Chess board is set up wrong. There should always be a white square in each player's bottom right corner.
2.Wedding dress.
3. Can't be answered as the game is not chess as set up.
4. 7 or 8
5. Yes, possibly . . . I hope you're drinking champagne!

StrangerTides said...

1. The kings and queens are switched - queen should start on her own color.
2. Looks like the hem of a wedding dress.
3. BxR
4. 64
5. Nope.

Tillerman said...

Wow. Now we are making progress.

1. Yes, the board is set up wrong. And although you can't really tell without seeing the whole board, black moved first.
2. It is indeed a wedding dress. My niece.
3. Of course the question is unanswerable. But I think BxR was the next move.
4. White eventually won the game. I have no idea how old the player was. Looked about 30. The boy in the picture was playing black and he is 7 years old. He is my great-nephew, the son of the bride's sister. The bridegroom taught him to play last Xmas and he played remarkably well considering his age and lack of experience.
5. Dallas Dude nailed it. I was drinking champagne when I took the picture in the previous post!

So now you know it was a wedding, some of the questions in yesterday's post may be a little easier.

O Docker said...

I was going to guess that you are in Brobdingnag.

JP said...

1. Black moved first
2. A ghost
3. BxR looks good
4. 64
5. No

What? Someone's already answered? Jeez, just 'cos I've been busy.

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