Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another Half to Remember

It was a strange weekend.

No sailing for one thing. On Saturday I was resting in preparation for the half marathon, on Sunday I was running the half marathon, and on Monday I was resting and recovering from the half marathon (and groaning a lot).

I say resting, but there's no real rest when when the house is full of Tiller Extensions. The two eldest grandchildren came for a sleepover on Friday night - a very special treat for them. The rest of the Massachusetts Tiller Extensions arrived on Saturday morning, and every hour when I wasn't actually running in Boston was full of play and games and fun. Grandchildren are the best fun ever invented.

Emily, my eldest grandchild, had worked out that Memorial Day was actually her "half birthday." She was exactly 7 years and 6 months old.

So we had to have a Half-Birthday Party.

With half a birthday cake. With seven and a half candles. And we sang half of Happy Birthday (omitting every other syllable.)

Very silly.

Emily and Tillerwoman made the half-birthday cake.

But Emily did all the decoration of the cake, with the flair and imagination that only a seven and a half year old girl could conjure.

Another half to remember!


O Docker said...

You ran a half marathon?

Congratu !

Tillerman said...


bonnie said...


Tillerman said...

Th i get ve sil .

bonnie said...

Almost sounds Finnish.

Baydog said...

The Culinary Institute of America wants to speak with Emily, tomorrow.

my2fish said...

I was always told you can't half your cake and eat it too.

Tillerman said...

The wonderful thing about being 7 is that you can be interested in cake decorating and gardening and painting and writing and frisbee and soccer and ballet and sharks and whales and grizzly bears and wolves and board games and toy trains and word puzzles and a host of other things and be quite talented at some of them.

It's only later that they make you pick one thing to do to make a living.

Emily and I went for a walk to buy some milk on Monday morning. The thing that fascinated her on the walk were the drains in the road. Why are there so many drains on your road, Granddad? Why are there two drains here? Why are the drains at the side of the road and not in the middle?

Baydog said...

Groan. Good one Pandabomium

Pandabonium said...

Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland....
A merry merry half-birthday to Emily, to Emily.

bonnie said...

All joking aside though - sounds like an absolutely wonderful weekend even without any Lasing about!

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