Sunday, June 30, 2013

What went wrong?


What happened?

Looks like Scout  - the Autonomous Transatlantic Robot Boat is now heading back towards the mainland at 22mph.

Which presumably means that its owners picked it up out of the ocean and are carrying it home on a powerboat for some reason.

Or perhaps it has been captured by some pirates.

Or it got accidentally hooked up in the nets of some fisherman.

Or it has been confiscated by the Coast Guard who wondered why an unmanned drone boat was lurking suspiciously close to the shores of our homeland.

No info yet on the Scout website or Facebook page.

Monday 1 July: update on the rescue here. As I suspected the proximity to Nomans Island was one issue but there were other factors.


Luke said...

They'll be back. Looks like a systems/ programming glitch. Or Tillerman was at the helm.

I greatly admire a bunch of 20 year olds having a crack at realising their wild dreams. With this attitude they are destined for fun and fulfilling lives. Good luck to them!

Tillerman said...

I'm sure you're right Luke.

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