Thursday, November 21, 2013

Robert Scheidt in Oman

Robert Scheidt Feature V2 [WEB] from Lisa Hynes on Vimeo.  Posted on Scuttlebutt.

"The key is to not think you are old."


Tillerman said...

I had to look up Scheidt's date of birth. Turns out he was born the day after Tillerwoman and I were married. Just a kid really!

Genie said...

I like Robert Scheidt because he is very sure of who he is and his role in life. I can't stand these sailors who constantly suck up to other sailors, constantly name drop as if they are great by association, pretend they are just learning but scream their victories, and hide behind setbacks to explain failures/ illuminate victory. Narcissism at its best!

Tillerman said...

I've never met Mr. Scheidt and this is the first time I've seen him talking about himself and sailing on a video. He does seem to be able to talk about his position in sailing without sounding too full of himself on the one hand or with any false modesty on the other.

I wonder who Genie "can't stand"?

Hmmm. I do name drop a bit on this blog. I do write a lot about my learning experiences. I do "scream" about my very rare victories. And I often try and explain my many failures. And what is more narcissistic than writing a blog about yourself for 8 years?

Can Genie be talking about me?

Genie said...

No, Tillerman, of course I am not referring to you. You may have a healthy dose of narcissism (as we all do) but someone who is extreme does present false modesty.....and usually has an "Echo".

Tillerman said...

Hmmm. Echo? Is that a clue?

Genie said...

Absolutely. You may have to revisit your Greek myths :).

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