Sunday, July 06, 2014

My Butt

Another great angle from the videographer at Lake Massapoag.

Do these hiking pants make my butt look big?


Anonymous said...

OMG; a non-legal (Intensity) sail...

Will the (Laser) world come to an end?


Anonymous said...

Is it your butt, or your shoulder? Inquiring pork fans want to know

Tillerman said...

Wavedancer - Yes, I have an Intensity sail for practice and for local fleet racing at venues that allow it. I bought it and wrote about in November in a post call Time for Real Change.

I was a late adopter (as I am in most things) but far from bringing (Laser) world to an end, I think it is having the predicted effect of building participation by allowing sailors, especially younger ones, who could not afford new class legal sails to take part in local fleet racing with competitive sails.

my2fish said...

"Would you look at that butt on that?!"

"Oooh, I bet he works out."

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