Thursday, August 28, 2014

Photo Quiz




Where are they now?


Derek J said...

Where: Highland Lakes Country Club, NJ
What: SANJL Junior Championship
When: 1994 ?? It is too bad the purple hat is not turned around
Where Are They (L-R):
Bill B (LA)
Mike S (CT)

Pandabonium said...

You're the one with the photo. You tell us.

Tillerman said...

Well, I certainly know two of the boy's names and where they live now. The tall handsome dude at the back is now the father of two of the three cutest granddaughters in the world but maybe I'm biased. Some people think he looks a bit like me. And he does live in Connecticut.

The one on the left (as Derek J) guessed, lives in Louisiana now and doesn't look at all like me.

Derek J also guessed the place and the event correctly. But I'm not sure he has the year right.

I don't know the names of the girls or the other boy and can only guess at the year myself. I am thinking it is more like 1997 than 1994.

I have heard that others are on the trail. Records are being searched, photos are being examined minutely, heads are being scratched.

Is the purple hat a clue I wonder?

Tillerman said...

Well we have tracked down the girl on the left now via emails to a friend to a friend to a relative. She is now a mother of three and lives in Canada. She thinks it was 1997 or 1998.

Unknown said...

Girl in teal is Alexis G. Asian boy on right is Koh S. Both from Highland Lakes, NJ.

Tillerman said...

Thanks Erika. Well I didn't ask for names but as four of them have been "outed" now, I will reveal that the other girl is Bridget O.

Tillerman said...

Just found an even older photo of SANJL Junior Regatta prizewinners with their trophies. To be posted one day soon.

Tillerman said...

Well, it turns out that Bridget and I were both wrong. I have now been sent photos of all the winners' names on that huge trophy and they show that the year in the photo when Alexis won was 1996.

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