Sunday, October 05, 2014


As expected the video debrief on the Laser racing this evening at Minorca Sailing this year was somewhat embarrassing for me.

I settled in for the session with a large glass of beer to dull the inevitable pain.

First there was a shot of me sailing upwind on which the instructor made no comment even thought it looked to me like I was doing OK.

Then there was a shot of me sailing upwind on which the instructor pointed out to me that I wasn't sailing the boat flat enough and I should get my shoulders back more. Good feedback. Thanks.

Then there was a shot of me dropping the tiller in a tack and heading up and slowing down, so much in fact that I then had to duck a starboard tacker whom I thought I would cross. The instructor didn't need to make any comment. The many howls and hoots of derisions from the peanut gallery said it all.

I now hate those guys in the peanut gallery.

Those guys in the peanut gallery

Then a shot of me doing a leeward mark rounding. If I do say so myself, I thought it was pretty decent.

The instructor said it was "textbook."


I think that's a compliment.

It must be at least 20 years ago I went to a one day masters clinic at Wianno YC held before the Atlantic Coast Champs there. The coach was Brad Dellenbaugh. I still remember that Brad Dellenbaugh said I did an "excellent" gybe.

People remember positive feedback a long time.

Instructors and coaches and teachers should know that.



And so to bed.


Vadim Movchan said...

Sounds like it is boring there at Minorca. Perfection is always way to go

Baydog said...

Wait! What did you and T-woman have for dinner???

Tillerman said...

Oh sorry Baydog. I forgot the important stuff. I had a platter of Minorcan meats and chicken kebab. She had some grilled cod and ratatouille.

George A said...

Coaches tend to be cheerleaders, except when they're not...

Tillerman said...

I'm getting tons of great feedback on things to improve too so it's all good.

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