Wednesday, January 21, 2015


"My name is Oli Tweddell, and I sail for Australia."

Watch the video. Is this hard core… or what?

Baydog says it's on his bucket list to sail a Finn - like Oli.

Should I challenge Baydog to a Finn race?


Baydog said...

I accept. Then dinner at my house

Tillerman said...

Thanks. I start training tomorrow. (For the dinner - not the race.)

Baydog said...

Love you man

Keep Reaching said...

Great video. Hard core indeed.

I think Doug from Improper Course summed it up best in a recent comment on a blog post about Rule 42 and whether Lasers should adopt the Oscar flag like Finns. He said "Rule 42 - when Ben Ainslie switched from Lasers to Finns, he apparently put on about 30 pounds to get strong enough to be competitive. I personally think that allowing this in Lasers would ruin our sport for the vast majority. I like having the choice of strong apes sailing Finns and nimble monkeys sailing Lasers."

By the way, in addition to the incredible physical shape one needs to be in, have you thought about how you would get under that incredibly low boom during a tack? Even Ollie has to let the mainsheet out to make it. Admittedly he has more bulk than many of us, but still it looks to me like a major feat to just get under it, let alone doing it quickly and gracefully.

Tillerman said...

Good points KR. It does seem I have to choose between being a gorilla or a monkey. My natural weight these days is really too much to be competitive in a Laser and too low to be competitive in a Finn. I am more of a baboon.

And yes, I did notice how low the boom is in a Finn. I think I will be like Ollie and sheet out (a lot.) "Quickly and gracefully" I will forget about.

R1 said...

A Finn has to be worth a try - it's the pinnacle of single handed dinghy sailing (someone told me).

Now a Finn for Laser sailors would be an interesting boat. More boat, less sailboard. A Solo perhaps (someone else told me)? Too slow, I think.

Tillerman said...

I would certainly like to try a Finn if I ever get the chance R1, And a Solo. Why not?

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