Monday, January 19, 2015

RS Aero Spotlight - Ultra-light!

Just in case we hadn't yet appreciated how much lighter the RS Aero is than certain other older designs of mass-market single handers, here is another spotlight video from RS Sailing about that topic.

I was interested to see how the sailors in the video were carrying the Aero on their car the right way up with dolly attached and with the rig etc. inside the boat. Never seen that before with those "older designs of mass-market single handers."

And for all of my readers who are native French speakers (or know how to use Google Translate)  here is a link to an interesting (and long) discussion about the new single handers - Aero, D-Zero, Melges 14 - on Forums Breizhskiff. Apparently one of the contributors Cédric F reads this blog. At least I think that's what, "Je suis fan du blog de ce laseriste (et futur Aeronaute ?)" means. And it also explains why I have been getting lots of hits lately on my post about the RS Aero Rigging Guide which Cédric F apparently doesn't entirely agree with.

Hmmm. Maybe I should change the blurb in the "Who am I?" box on my sidebar to "Laseriste et futur Aeronaute?"


Cedric F said...

I do confirm, I'm a big fan of this blog, one of the best in the English speaking sailing community.
Cédric F

Tillerman said...

Thanks Cédric. Pleased you like my insane ramblings here.

You say Proper Course is one of the best blogs in the "English speaking sailing community." Are there any French language sailing blogs that you would recommend?

Michael O'Brien said...

This is all well and good. But the "Rules" will need to be adjusted. I'm thinking of your rule #8 "If it's not hurting, you're not hiking hard enough." Those rounded topsides look positively comfy. Might need to revise rule #5 too. Perhaps rule #10 is wrong also. It could get easier on a different boat?

Tillerman said...

You have a good point Michael. There will have to be a completely different set of Rules for the Aero. I will give it some thought and maybe publish something along those lines later this year. Any suggestions for RS Aero: The Rules gratefully received.

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