Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Speedlink - Take the Tiller

I'm always pleased when I come across a new blog that offers writing of real depth and quality to aficionados of the sailing blogosphere. A recent find, and one of of my favorite sailing blogs right now, is Take the Tiller which is written by Deborah Bennett Elfers.

Deborah has been writing on a variety of sailing topics but one of her major themes is about how to improve as a sailor - which as my regular readers know is something I have been striving (and mostly failing) to do for 35 years now.

I particularly enjoyed her recent post  What Makes A Great Sailor — Practice, or Talent? which explores the roles of mindset, motivation and practice and includes a couple of recommendations of books that support Deborah's approach to growth as a sailor. Much inspiration and food for thought! I'm currently reading one of her book recommendations on my Kindle. I suspect I will end up writing two or three blog posts on the same theme myself as I mull over and try to apply the lessons of the post and the book.

Deborah sails a Herreshoff Twelve out of Marion, Massachusetts and her family comes from Duxbury (also in Massachusetts) both of which are among my favorite places to sail around here, so I wouldn't be surprised if our paths cross some time in the future.

In the meantime, I will continue to draw inspiration from her blog. Check it out. Take the Tiller.

I looked on Google Images for a "tiller" to illustrate this post. This is all I could find. It's really of no use to me. Please take it.


Unknown said...

I just got turned on to her blog too! Really nice writing and it's great to hear another sailor lady's voice out there.

Tillerman said...

Pleased you like Deborah's blog too Judith. She is an excellent writer, isn't she?

I'm going sailing tomorrow (Tuesday) in Bristol with two of our mutual friends. Sorry you will be too far away to join us. Maybe next week?

Deborah Bennett Elfers said...

Thanks, you two, for your much-appreciated encouragement! I'm inviting myself to come Lasering (is that a verb?) with you guys this summer. It should be hysterical. . .

Tillerman said...

That would be great if you would come Lasering with us Deborah. Look forward to meeting you.

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