Monday, October 03, 2016

RS Aerocup Malcesine - Photos from Day 3

Sunday, the third and final day of racing in the RS Aerocup at Malcesine on Lake Garda was another beautiful day of sailing in paradise. The southerly breeze kicked in dead on time for our first start at 1pm and we were off.

A start. But where is Tillerman? Buried again it seems!

Mike Saqui - my nemesis on the race course - with boat flat and game face on.
He did beat me by a few points in the regatta but I crushed him in both races on Sunday.

Nick Craven - another sailor I was crossing tacks with all though the regatta.
I guess that's his game face?
Anyway he beat me in the regatta but I crushed him on Sunday too!

My favorite photo from the whole regatta!
But where is Tillerman?

Kristo Ounap from Estonia - 3rd in the 7 rig fleet.
Amazing speed downwind. I rounded the windward mark with him in one race and he was gone, gone, gone before I could figure out what he was doing to be so fast.

Peter Barton from Great Britain - 2nd in the 7 rigs.

Per Christian Bordal from Norway - winner in the 7 rig fleet.
Another one who has figured out how to make big gains downwind.
More on that in another blog post.

The RS Aero 7 medal winners with their podium pants on.
Do they look happy, or what?

Thanks to SBG Films for all the amazing photos.

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