Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How to Discover RS Aero Go Faster Tips

Last Thursday, on the day before racing started at the RS Aerocup on Lake Garda, Peter Barton the RS Aero International Class Manger (and by the way one of the best sailors in the class) ran a clinic for some the sailors.

I have heard Peter give pre-regatta clinics on three occasions over the past two years and every time there is something new to learn. Peter says that the more he races the boat the more his own thinking evolves on what is fast and what is not.

But where is Tillerman?

I wonder whether the attendees at Peter's talk will actually remember of all the information he was imparting?

Only one of the students seems to be taking notes. That guy sitting in the front row wearing a beige cap and showing off a very handsome pair of knees.

Watch out for that guy!

(If he can read his own handwriting.)

Just saying.

Monday, September 26, 2016

RS Aerocup Malcesine - Photos from Day 2

Thanks for SBG Films for these photos from Day 2 of the RS Aerocup on Lake Garda.

Wow! The waves were even bigger than I remembered.

Liina Kolk from Estonia - RS Aero 5 Champion

Karlijn van den Boogaard from the Netherlands. Youngest competitor.

Ben Rolfe from Great Britain. RS Aero 9 champion.

Kate Sargent from Great Britain. A very close second in the RS Aero 5 fleet.

The fleet going downwind. But where is Tillerman?

Oh, there I am. Does this wetsuit make my bum look big?

Mike Saqui from Great Britain. 
One of my closest competitors on the race course.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

RS Aerocup Malcesine 2016 - Photos from Day 1

Photos from Day 1 of the RS Aerocup at Lake Garda - thanks to SBG Films.

Per Christian Bordal from Norway currently leading the 24 boat strong RS Aero 7 fleet with six bullets in seven races after two days of racing.

A start. Where is Tillerman?

Peter Barton GBR (orange visor) RS Aero International Class Manager - lying second in the RS Aero 7 fleet after two days of racing.

Peter Stephinson fron Australia - the guy who developed foils to make the Laser and the Aero fly like a Moth.

The sailor in 1831 looks a lot like Doug Dubois from Park City USA, but he told all the sailors at the dinner on Friday night that his name was Donald Trump and if they let him win a race he promised not to build walls round all their countries and make them pay for it.

Kate Sargent GBR, after two days only one point out of the lead in the RS Aero 5 fleet.

Saturday, September 24, 2016


The view from our hotel at breakfast time.

A light northerly breeze,  which will likely switch to the south around lunchtime and build during the early afternoon. Just like it has every other day. Perfect conditions for RS Aero sailing.

The regatta started yesterday (Friday.)

There was a skippers meeting at 11:30.

After the usual welcome speeches and one good question and several not so good questions from sailors, pizza and little hors d'oeuvres were served, along with some bubbly.

Bubbly at a skippers meeting - 90 minutes before the first race! I didn't have any. Honest!

But I do love Italy.

And so we raced on Lake Garda. The winds built up to about 16 knots during the racing.

I was passing boats upwind.

Boats were passing me downwind.

I tried out some of the things Peter Barton taught us at the clinic. How to set the sail controls to point well going upwind. Different ways to pump going downwind.

I was feeling very mellow.

Between races I just lounged in my Aero and soaked in the view.  This must be the most spectacular sailing location in the world.

After two races I was feeling so mellow - actually a bit tired - I decided to skip the third race and go back to the hotel to find TIllerwoman and have a beer. Or two.

We have bubbly - prosecco - at breakfast too.

Maybe that's why I feel so mellow?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sono andato a vela sul lago di Garda

Today I went sailing on Lake Garda.

It was the one day clinic before the RS Aerocup.

Winds started at around 12 knots and built up to 18 knots during the afternoon.

Lots of sailors capsized. I didn't capsize.

Lots of sailors were faster than me. A few sailors weren't.

At first I felt very clumsy and out of touch with how to sail in waves in medium-strong winds.

Then for a while I found my groove.

I learned something new at the clinic.

Bump bump.

Quiz question: What does the Rolling Stones song Back to Zero have to do with RS Aero sailing?

Castello Scaligero Malcesine - Quiz

Tillerwoman and I are currently staying in Malcesine on Lake Garda in Italy.

That's Malcesine in the foreground in the picture. The prominent castle is the Castello Scaligero. It's been there an awful long time.

I am sailing in a little RS Aero regatta on the lake later in the week, but on Wednesday I did some husbandly sightseeing things with Tillerwoman.

In the afternoon we climbed to the top of the tower at the castle.

We are staying in a hotel on the lakefront a little further up the lake.

Captain JP of the eponymous Captain JP's Log suggested that we have a quiz about what Tillerwoman had for dinner.


What did Tillerwoman have for dessert at dinner on Wednesday this week, and what did she have to drink with it?

Clue #1: The dessert was green.

Clue #2: The drink was clear.

Blame Captain JP.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Oggi in Figura, Domani in Sepoltura

Went for a bit of a stroll with Tillerwoman by the side of the lake this morning.

Saw a couple of these...

And a whole bunch of these...

Hmmm. What should I sail this week?

PS. I think the title of the post is the Italian way of saying, "Tick this off your bucket list while you still can."

Saturday, September 17, 2016

RS Aero Reviews

Where can you get information on-line about a new boat you are thinking of buying?

Well obviously the manufacturer's website is one place, but reviews by other people who have actually sailed the boat can also be a good source of helpful advice. 

So if you are considering buying an RS Aero, here are a number of reviews of the RS Aero published over the last couple of years that might be helpful to you...

May 2014 - Test sailing the RS Aero - the '21st Century Laser' a video review - by Matthew Sheahan of Yachting World

June 2014 - Singlehanded Sailing: The Next Level - by George Yioulos of West Coast Sailing

June 2014 - Musings on the RS Aero - by Mark Riddington (RS300 sailor)

October 2014 - RS Aero Boat Test - by Peter Barton and team in Yachts and Yachting

March 2015 - Testing the D Zero and RS Aero in 20 knots - by Steve Cockerill of Rooster Sailing

September 2016 - The Next Big Thing? - by Dave Reed in Sailing World. Actually this is not so much a review of the boat as a piece about the early adopters of the RS Aero and their motivations.

If you know of any other reviews of the RS Aero, let me know and I will add them the list.

And if you have any questions about the RS Aero that I can answer then please email me and I will do my best to help.