Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What's Wrong With Buzzards Bay?

I don't know. What is wrong with Buzzards Bay? Jimmy Buffett seemed to place it in the same category as Three Mile Island and the Ayatollah.

I don't know, I don't know,
I don't know where I'm a-gonna go
When the volcano blows

But I don't want to land in New York City
Don't want to land in Mexico
Don't want to land on no three mile island
Don't want to see my skin aglow

Don't want to land in Comanche Sky Park
Or in Nashville Tennessee
Don't want to land in no San Juan airport
Or in the Yukon Territory

Don't want to land no San Diego
Don't want to land in no Buzzard Bay
I don't want to land on no Ayatollah
I got nothin' more to say

I think I mentioned before that Tillerwoman and I are in the middle of planning a house move from the outer suburbs of Gotham City (where we live because of my former corporate job) to a retirement home somewhat nearer to Cutest Granddaughter in the World, who currently resides in southern Massachusetts.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Before you tell me, I do know that it is bad strategy for retired parents to move to live close to their still-employed children. Bad because the children might suddenly decide to relocate to anywhere in the world just like their parents (UK to USA) and grandparents (Australia to UK) before them.

But we have reasons to believe that CGITW's parents' ties to New England are fairly strong. And in planning a move to Rhode Island we were also choosing an area that we enjoy and could feel comfortable in. And did I mention that Rhode Island is also somewhat known as a great area for sailing?

I see myself sailing the District 7 Laser regattas around New England in the summer, frostbiting with the Newport Laser Fleet in the winter, and getting involved in who knows what kinds of other sailing and boating activities in that area.

So we were looking around at homes for sale in Rhode Island. Found some towns we liked. And then I looked at a map and started wondering what those towns in the south-eastern corner of Massachusetts are like. Marion and Mattapoisett. Close to major highways. On the north shore of Buzzards Bay. Close to Cape Cod without actually being on the other side of those damn congested bridges.

So on a couple of trips to New England this year we explored that Buzzards Bay coast. On one trip we went out with our daughter-in-law and a realtor and checked out some houses for sale. We were very impressed. Beautiful houses. Oodles of New England charm. Boats everywhere. That famous Buzzards Bay breeze.

As we were cruising around admiring the properties, our dear daughter-in-law summed up the area in the vernacular of her generation... "This doesn't suck!"

It certainly doesn't. But what are we missing? What's wrong with Buzzards Bay?


Pat said...

Perhaps Jimmy Buffet was just having fun with the name. His knowledge of actual sailing conditions may be strongest closer to the equator.

jacflash said...

There's nothing wrong with Buzzards Bay... or with Narragansett Bay, or Block Island Sound, or Fishers Island Sound, or anything else in that general vicinity. All great, great sailing grounds, plenty of nice people, four seasons, all the racing you can stand, etc., etc. You'll be an hour (max, depending on where you settle) from Newport and 2.5 hours (max) from Marblehead. Barrington and Bristol and Block Island and Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard are all within easy distance (driving or sailing), and Westerly and Mystic and Fishers Island not too far off. What's not to like?

OG said...

What's wrong with Buzzards Bay?

It's not in Australia.

Fred said...

Nice to hear that you are moving. Me doing the same soon. Therefore no time for blogging. Found some nice piece of land very close to the water (called Schlei). When ready (breaking down an old house and building a new one on the ground) we should go for a holiday house swop or just come to visit and go sailing. A pity the CUP has moved away from Newport. R.I.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jacflash. Buzzards Bay is a great sailing venue for cruising to the Elizabethans or through them into Nantucket Sound or for racing in wonderful conditions that can be breathtakingly beautiful to rugged enough for even the most hardy.

Zen said...

Gotham City...hmmm If you move you will no loger have the protection of Batman!

Buzzards Bay, I belive that is Dan's turf!

Tillerman said...

Maybe I am Batman?

Carol Anne said...

No, Tillerman, I'm Batwoman. Zorro says so.

BTW, you never did tell me what you tested as on that action hero quiz.

Tillerman said...

Me Batman. You Jane.

No, wait. That can't be right.

Barry said...

The point is that it is not where Jimmy Buffett wanted to be. If it is where your heart leads you then God bless you.

Matthew said...

I think he actually did go down once in Buzzards Bay in his plane. It was an actual event, and if you're in a plane -- landing in Buzzards Bay wouldn't be your first choice.

Pete said...

I know this is an older post, but I'd though I put in my two cents.

Buzzards bay has pretty much only a couple things: The Borne Bridge leading on to Cape Cod and Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA). I am a MMA Alumni. MMA is a Maritime Academy that trains cadets for careers in shipping. It is a very regimented school and the first year students are put through punishment similar to other military academies.

Rumor has it that Jimmy Buffett was enrolled in the school, but he left after a brief period of time. The disciple probably was more than he was willing to put up with.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy had a plane crash and landed in the water of Buzzards Bay.

Anonymous said...

Try living there in the winter then fighting the traffic in the summer. Better to move to San Diego

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