Friday, January 05, 2007


Life is good.

My marathon preparation is going well. Just completed the 12th week of the training program and enjoyed a nice and easy 18 mile run yesterday.

The blog is jogging along at a steady pace too. Proper Course had its first day of over 1000 visits this week. And I just completed my first paid writing assignment for a real world sailing magazine -- an opportunity that came my way because of the blog.

Sailing? Ah well. Not so much of the real stuff lately. But in the Tacticat world I'm slowly getting the hang of it, amassed 1000+ points and clawed myself into the top 100 in the rankings. I'm beginning to convince myself that it does teach some useful skills that will translate to real sailing. More on that in another post.

But it's time for a break. A week off from running to use some different muscles. A week off from blogging to do some living and have some experiences worth writing about. And a week off from virtual sailing to do some of the real stuff.

Normal service on this blog will be resumed on or around January 16.


Mallard said...

wow... I sure came in LATE! Just discovered your Blog! I am a 42-yo Australia Laser noob sailor. Looks like I'm gonna really enjoy looking thru your posts! Thank you!
Mal :)

Brooklyn Salt said...

Good luck with the training. I weep for your competition.

Anonymous said...

Is it the 16th yet?

Pat said...

Cross the International Dateline west-to-east about five or six times, click your neoprene dinghy boots together three times, and repeat, "There's no dinghy blogger like Tillerman!"

Anonymous said...

There is a void in the force...

Anonymous said...

Wish u luck.And enjoy the break.I ould love to do some paid writing if it covers my niche.

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