Sunday, September 04, 2011

Sailing Quote of the Week

"Alaska isn’t known for its pumpkin pie." - Matt Rutherford in yesterday's post on his blog Solo Around the Americas. Matt is attempting to sail solo around the Americas, including sailing single-handed east to west through the the Northwest Passage this summer. He is currently trying to ride out an enormous storm system before sailing south through the Bering Strait.

The full quote is "Well, Alaska isn’t known for its pumpkin pie. It's known for its big mountains and big seas. I don’t think it will let me down."

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Grant said...

Very cool stuff. I checked out Matt's blog and it looks like he started from Annapolis, but someone had posted with the title 'Mom' saying she was in Texas.

Do you know if he's from MD or TX? Either way, incredible stuff.

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