Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm A Sailor Peg And I've Lost My Leg

It's going to be a wild night in Boston tonight.

The Red Sox have a chance to clinch the World Series at home for the first time since 1918.

And the national anthem will be sung by Dropkick Murphys, who will also play their hit song “I’m Shipping Up To Boston.”


Baydog said...

I find it a bit surprising that you're into Dropkick Murphys. And as a big Yankee fan, do you root for the Cards or fellow ALers?

Tillerman said...

Those are very deep questions Baydog...

Why are your surprised that I am "into" Dropkick Murphys? Why do you even suppose from this post that I am "into" Dropkick Murphys? I might be. I might not. I am just a humble reporter, reporting the facts. Anyway what's not to like about Celtic punk rock? After all 80% of my grandchildren have Irish blood.

Who I root for is an equally deep question. I must admit that when I first moved to New England I found the fanaticism of Red Sox Nation somewhat disturbing, and the Red Sox team never seemed to be able to show the "class" of the Yankees. Most of the Red Sox players seemed eminently unlikeable, and the silly beards do nothing for me. Up to now I've always rooted for the Yankees, or whoever is playing the Red Sox.

But Boston grows on you. I've always loved the city. And who could fail to feel some attachment to the people of Boston after the horrors at this year's Boston Marathon and its afermath?

And then there's A-Rod and all the performance enhancing drug nonsense. That's a big turnoff for me. The Yankees of today are not the Yankees of 1996-2000.

So, am I turning into a Red Sox fan?

Is the pope a protestant?

Does Larry Ellison sail a Laser?

Baydog said...

Thanks for the answer that I was hoping for. Love you man. So, go Sox? Personally, I'm rooting for the Redbirds.

Tillerman said...

Me too actually. I was almost ready to root for the Red Sox tonight but I couldn't do it.

But I did like the way Dropkick Murphys performed the national anthem. I had never seen it performed with banjo, accordion and kilt before. Very Boston!

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