Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Captain Andrew

Grandson Andrew.

Coming up to 6 months old.

I think he's ready to go sailing.


Baydog said...

That is one happy kid! I don't know his parents, although I'm sure they're super, but his grandparents are the bomb.

Dave in Assonet said...

He will be a force to be feared in the Laser Fleets in another 5 or 7 years!

JP said...

Congrats! But the comment above raises an interesting question - how could sailing change over his lifetime compared to ours? Will it still be lasers / torches / [YourBoatHere]?

Tillerman said...

Great question JP. I feel a group writing project coming on. Or did we do this once before?

JP said...

We could of course ask Buff Junior

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