Sunday, August 03, 2014

Where am I?

Where am I?

Or to be more precise, where was I? This photo wasn't taken today.

What year was it?

What is the event I am sailing in?

What was my result?


Baydog said...

Long Beach Island. Surf City? Brant Beach? Orange Coffee Pot? 2003

Baydog said...

4th place

Tillerman said...

Amazing? How does he do it?

It is indeed on Long Beach Island and it is (I am pretty sure) 2003.

How did you work that out?

There are plenty of clues in the picture that will help you confirm or reject your other guesses about the venue and the event.

And no, I wasn't 4th.

Litoralis said...

That's Steve Manson in the background.

Tillerman said...

It certainly is.

Baydog said...

I know Barnegat eelgrass when I see it. And you look about seven years younger than when I met you in 2010. Is it Spray Beach? Could it be Laser Atlantic Coasts?

Tillerman said...


I guess Baydog knows the LBI sailing clubs better than any of my readers but I don't know why he guessed Surf City. There's no beach to launch dinghies there.

And I don't know why he is guessing Laser regattas. Aren't there enough clues that this must have been a multi-class regatta. There were Sunfish and Optimists for sure. Maybe Mariners as well.

Baydog said...

It may be close to forty years since I've been to SCYC, and we towed the Lightning down from Bay Head. Is it in fact SBYC? Was Newt Wattis sailing his Mariner in that particular regatta?

Tillerman said...

Not Surf City, they have no beach there. Not Spray Beach. Your other guess is correct - it is Brant Beach. I wouldn't be surprised if Newt was there but I don't remember. It was the Brant Beach YC Spring Regatta 2003 and I still have the clock I won for 2nd place Laser. I can't even remember who won. Brant Beach have a lot of results on their online archive but the link for that event goes nowhere. Bonus points for anyone who can find the actual results!

Baydog said...

I may drive there tomorrow just for that

Pandabonium said...

Lost again? Whatever will you do when the internet goes down?

Tillerman said...

The Internet is doing weird things. The link from the BBYC results page doesn't seem to work for me but someone found them at

Tillerwoman was sorting out some old photos the other day and this was how this one turned up. Some of the others could be good candidates for "Where am I" quizzes. Especially as I don't know the answer myself for some of them!

And yes, Newt was there and won the Mariners. Steve Manson (in the photo and also from Goose Poop Beach SC) won the Sunfish.

I was so much older then. I'm younger than that now.

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