Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy Frogma Day

10 years ago today, 20 January 2005, a lady started a blog…

The first line of the first post was, "I am a sea kayaker."

And the title of that post was what's a frogma?

10 years on Frogma is still going strong.

The author styles herself as Bonnie K. Frogma but I have a sneaking suspicion that that name may not be exactly her real name.

Bonnie describes her blog as "The Continuing Adventures of a Woman and her Trusty Kayak in New York Harbor, the Hudson River, and Beyond (with occasional political rants just to keep things lively!)

It's much more than a kayaking blog. There's music. There are lots of photos of NYC and other places to which Bonnie travels. There's food. Lots of food. Especially spam.

And other good stuff. Even some sailing occasionally. Always interesting. Always entertaining.

Frogma has been a real inspiration to me in my own puny blogging efforts. So, in honor of Bonnie's ten years of blogging success, let us all celebrate in traditional kayaker style by putting on neoprene helmets and dunking our heads in ice-cold water.

I declare that 20 January shall henceforth be known as Frogma Day.


JP said...

Hurrah for Frogma Day!

Tweezerman said...

Someone once described my blog as eclectic. Bonnie K's blog is even moreso and always entertaining (and I must admire the energy of the young for her days and weekends are always packed). Well done on ten years!

Tillerman said...

Very true Tweezerman. Bonnie blogs about so many different aspects of her full and varied life. I don't know where she finds the time and energy to do all that stuff - never mind blog about it.

Having said that she is discreet about her private life and relationships - apart from the occasional reference to the mysterious TQ - and for that I am grateful too.

Baydog said...

An all-round great gal! She's so active it makes my head spin. Lovely person, in-person; we are lucky to have sailed with her and TQ. I hope they come down next summer! Congrats, Bonnie, on ten years of Frogma!

Keep Reaching said...

Congratulations on the longevity of a great blog! And for me the mystery of the meaning of Frogma is solved.. Keep it coming.

O Docker said...

Oddly enough, Mr. Google has a definition of Bonnie online. To find it, just look up the word 'ebullience' and there it is in the synonyms:

exuberance, buoyancy, cheerfulness, cheeriness, merriment, jollity, sunniness, jauntiness, lightheartedness, high spirits, elation, euphoria, jubilation, animation, sparkle, vivacity, enthusiasm, perkiness, chirpiness, bounciness, pep.

While buoyancy might be desirable in any kayaker, I think the other qualities are almost essential in a kayaker looking for somewhere to paddle in our country's most crowded and stressed-out city.

I don't know how she does what she does, but I'm glad that she does.

Tillerman said...

Well said O Docker. Ebulllience is indeed a good word for Bonnie.

But in defense of one of my favorite American cities, New York is neither the most crowded or the most stressed-out city. According to Business Insider and Forbes, Los Angeles holds both of these distinctions….


I concede that New York is the most populous (but that is not the same as most crowded.) I think it's probably the amazing opportunities for kayaking that attract so many people to New York.

O Docker said...

I think this goes beyond statistics. LA stress is much more laid back than New York stress. It's like comparing apples and Orange Julius.

And by law, all LA overcrowding must conform with the rules of feng shui.

Tillerman said...

But how good is the kayaking scene in LA? As I recall from my (very stressful) business trips to LA, the Los Angeles river is basically a concrete ditch. How can you compare that to Bonnie's magnificent Hudson river.

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