Saturday, January 09, 2016

Weather for Sailing on Sunday


31mph winds gusting to 59mph at 1pm.

Getting stronger later in the afternoon.

And raining.

I expect any minute now we will get an email from the fleet captain telling us it's going to be an epic day for sailing because the temperature will be in the 50s!


George A said...

Go ice skating instead. It's safer.

Tillerman said...

Yeah. Nobody ever gets hurt ice skating.

The good news is that the email from fleet captains wasn't the usual, "The weather will be epic - let's go sailing!" but instead a bold decision not to make a decision until tomorrow.

Actually it's the right call. Weather forecasts can be wrong. There might be less wind than currently forecast. Pigs might fly. I might go ice skating.

George A said...

I just watched a thing on FB wherein Jojo Starbuck (an Olympic pairs skater back when I was a boy) told me that ice skating was "good" for my brain. Who knows? Might extend to you as well. Play safe if there's racing tomorrow.

Mike said...

My Sunday sailing forecast is only 9 mph winds, but a brisk 43 degrees! Gonna be a cold sail tomorrow!

What app are you using for your forecast?


Tillerman said...

The screenshot is from SailFlow. Other forecasts are not quite so extreme but do call for heavy winds and rain.

Tillerman said...

The forecast didn't change. They cancelled racing today.

Now I can write a post about how when I was a boy we used to sail Lasers when it was 20 degrees below zero and it was blowing 50 knots and snowing, and wetsuits hadn't been invented and neither had hiking pants.

No. Wait. Lasers hadn't been invented when I was a boy either. I must have dreamed it.

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