Monday, July 18, 2016

Maps on Monday - Where are the RS Aeros in North America?

The RS Aero Class Association website has a map showing the locations of every place in the world where one or more RS Aeros have been delivered. Above is the section of the map for North America. Each "pin" on the map represents a location - some of which may have many RS Aeros.

Given the obvious difficulties of gathering data from every RS Sailing dealer in the world on the location of their sales I suspect the map may not be 100% accurate and up-to-date but it does give a pretty good impression of where the RS Aeros are.

At the RS Aero Atlantic Coast Championship in Newport earlier this month we had RS Aero owners from UT, CO, NC and FL not to mention from more nearby states such as NY, CT, MA and RI.

By the way that RS Aero Class Association website has all sorts of useful information about RS Aeros including a calendar of upcoming regattas, reports and results from past regattas, a forum, lots of photos and videos, class rules etc. etc.

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