Thursday, May 05, 2005


At the club where I sail in the summer months we are trying to start up a Laser fleet. I offered to take on the role of Laser fleet captain for this year. Over the winter, through some minimal publicity on the web, I managed to identify a number of potential fleet members. They all indicated that they were interested in racing Lasers at our club this year and I have been keeping in touch with them by email during the last few months.

Now that the season is starting I have been harassing via email - no I mean gently encouraging - these sailors to come out and race with us. The weather is still a bit chilly for summer sailors so I don't expect a great response for a few weeks. But the excuses that these sailors come up with for not sailing are fascinating to me.

Some plead family or work commitments - mother's day, wife's birthday, doing a course this weekend. Fair enough - sailing is only a game - family and work come first - at least for some.

Others say they have injuries that prevent them sailing for now - broke my thumb, tore a ligament. Hmmm - maybe. On the other hand I always seem to have some kind of minor injury these days and I don't let them stop me from sailing.

But the one that wins the grand prize is "I had a heart transplant and I'm still in rehab". This brave soul then inquired politely if we had rescue boats on the water during racing at the club. I don't know whether to admire the guy's courage and determination in wanting to get back into Laser racing after a heart transplant or to worry about what we will do if he has a medical emergency of some kind while racing. On the other hand, he probably has a 20 year-old heart, whatever his chronological age is, so he could be fitter than any of us.


Anonymous said...

I am the sailor with the broken thumb and torn ligaments. I didn't know that a broken thumb is considered a "minor" injury. I crushed my thumb and tore all the ligaments in it. Months of rehab to return the use of my right hand was not trivial, as you make it out to be. Opposable thumbs are pretty important. Ever try to sign your name without using your thumb, or even wiping your butt with your hand in a splint? And you complain about me not sailing in your Laser fleet?! You're an IDIOT.

Tillerman said...

Apologies Anonymous. It was wrong of me to make light of your injury. I hope you are OK now.

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