Monday, May 09, 2005

Exercise Machine

I woke up this morning.....(this sounds like the start to one of those cheesy old blues song).

Anyway I woke up this morning....aching all over. I guess that sailing a Laser for 3 hours after not sailing one for 2 weeks will do that to a middle-aged unfit body. Seems like every major muscle group is aching. Calves, quads, lower back, shoulders, forearms. For some reasons my biceps hurt the most. Ouch.

But it's a good ache. Just like the overall ache you feel after a strenuous workout at the gym. Ha ha - how would I know that? I'm just guessing this is how I would feel if I had the moral strength to actually (a) join a gym and (b) go for a workout there on any day except New Year's Day.

There's no doubt, sailing a Laser for a few hours in over 20 knots does give you a great all body workout. Maybe somebody will invent an exercise machine that achieves the same effect. Of course to make it realistic and simulate the strategy and tactics of small course racing you would have to have a computer hooked up to it so you could be playing a game of video chess at the same time. And then to really give you a feel for sailing, one of the gym attendants would have to stand by the machine and throw a bucket of icy cold water over you every 10 seconds.

On second thoughts I think I'll stick to the real thing.

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EVK4 said...

I think in the latest Sail magazine, there's a short blurb about a dinghy racing simulator that tracks your moves and tactics. I just tried to look online, but it wasn't there.

It looked pretty realistic, right down to hiking.

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