Friday, September 22, 2006

Caribbean Laser Midwinters

I've just booked up for a Laser sailing adventure at the Cabarete Windsurfing and Laser Sailing Centre in the Dominican Republic in January. First there is a four day clinic run by Brett Davis, then a day's rest, and finally the three day Caribbean Midwinters Regatta.

By all accounts there is every chance of big wind and huge waves. The list of other Laser sailors who have already attended Laser training sessions at this site is impressive. On the other hand they do sail out of Bozo Beach. I guess I'll fit in somewhere on that spectrum.


Anonymous said...

That should be a lot of fun.

Great pic!

The West Coast Bozo.

Tillerman said...

All bozos are invited to join us in the DR.

Theblonde said...

That would be the windward side of the Island then would it? Sounds extremely wet n' warm n' windy, and just what one needs to break up the long winter season.

Zen said...

wet fun indeed!

Dwayne Clark said...

That looks like fun!

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