Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Death of a Sunfish

I was pleased to be able to dispose of my old Sunfish in a way that meant it would still be of some pleasure to another sailor. Thanks to chuck for proving a link to a story of a Sunfish that met a much more unhappy end.

This reminded me of the photo below which I took on the beach of some Caribbean island
(Bequia I think) a couple of years ago. It looks as if the hull of some old Sunfish has been recycled into becoming a rowboat for a fisherman by tacking on various timbers. But eventually even this life came to a sad end.


Litoralis said...

That old sunfish that was cut up would have made a good hiking bench.

Carol Anne said...

Oh, that hurts so much to see.

Anonymous said...

A real shame...especially considering that fiberglass boats can last a very long time and are fairly easy to re-build/repair.

Anonymous said...

As a kid my home club forced Sunfish down my throat while the rest of the world was learning how to truly sail in a Laser.

When I got to college, it took a little while to catch up to all those speedy Laser sailors.

I can't think of a better ending.


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