Friday, November 03, 2006


Thirty five years ago this evening, two young lady schoolteachers in England were plotting where to go on Saturday night to find some guys.

They saw an advert in the local paper.
They went to a fancy dress party.

One of them met a tall skinny guy.
They clicked.

He introduced her friend to his friend.
Two weddings and some babies came along in due course.

Thirty five years later the first couple are still clicking.
They have a grandchild.
She is almost as crazy as they are.


Litoralis said...

If she is as crazy as they are then she is doing well!

bonnie said...



Katinka said...

What a cutie!! Your story made me chuckle, especially since I'm off to a fancy dress party tomorrow. Now I'll be on the outlook for tall skinny guys!

Anonymous said...

Cute kid... Congratulations Tillerman, on 35 years together. It's easy for me to remember when you met Tillerwoman, since the sixth anniversary of my wedding to Gee was the fourth... A few friends of mine and I went out to celebrate her yesterday, including one of our groomsmen and the best man from our wedding. :D

Tillerman said...

Good for you Dan. It's great that you can celebrate the good times even after your loss.

But I have to confess that after so many years, my own memory played tricks on me. TW and I actually met on the 6th, 35 years ago. The 4th was the day I proposed to her (almost) one year later.

Unknown said...

Adriftatsea......SMALL, SMALL WORLD. I clicked on you and learn that you are Debbi's brother. I read about Gee, then saw that you are twinless and thought...hmmmm, knew about that. Then I saw Kim and then I remember hearing the story of you and Gee from Deb and your mom at Nick's christening?? Anyway, Tillerman is my FIL and I know Debbi very well. My sister is Kathy (Connelley) Devlin, best friend's with Deb. I think we have previously met at a birthday party in Newton. Again, what a small world!

Anonymous said...


I just found out that you're the Father-in-law to my sister's best friend's little sister, Anne. That means we only five degrees of separation... how strange, and what a small world it can be. Kathy, Anne's big sister, was my sister's maid of honor ten years ago, and I've known her since before my sister, Kathy and Tim (her husband) all left for Vermont. Since I consider Kathy and Tim family... I guess I should say, "Welcome to the Family." :D

Justmee said...

Congratulation Tillerman! Love the post. Your granddaughter is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Argh, it really has become a relationship blog.

Zen said...

Awwwww Now isn't this special.

I was just remarking to a Sailing Zen master about how the Universe crosses paths of those we would not have thought, in surprising ways and times.

Of course we are all related somewhere in time...

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