Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Looks like our days of being homeless will soon be over. We found a house we like that meets all of the important criteria I wrote about on Sunday. And today the owner accepted our offer.

There's somewhere to keep my Laser, it's close to Newport for frostbite racing, and it's in easy driving distance of many of the Laser regattas on the New England circuit. Tillerwoman seems to be quite happy with the other less important stuff: it does have a kitchen as far as I can recall... and some other rooms... I think there was a bathroom somewhere... pretty sure some of the rooms were bedrooms... anyway that stuff is all her department and she's not complaining.

Best of all it has a view of some salty water that sometimes has boats on it.

I'd better not say any more as that might nix the deal. We still have to get through the home inspection, agree a contract, and pay some lawyers to do whatever mumbo-jumbo lawyers do with titles and deeds and all that stuff. But we're hopeful that we will be in our new home within a few weeks.


Carol Anne said...

Awesome view! Once you get settled in, will you have a house-warming party and invite your loyal fans?

OK, well, maybe not in person, but online, the way Sherry does her Christmas parties. You could post pictures of the interior and exterior, so we could "tour" the house.

merrifie said...

Congrats! Now you'll have to become a Sox fan. No more rooting for the Evil Empire.

Tillerman said...

Yikes carol anne. Are you trying to turn this blog into the Home and Gardens channel?

Seriously once (if) we actually move I am sure I will be writing some posts about our new location - maybe not so much about the house but about boating-related stuff in the general area.

And Sherry did a great job building a community among the readers of her blog with her virtual parties and so on. I'd like to do something similar without necessarily just copying what she did. The group writing project this week is one effort in that direction.

m squared - local sports loyalty is one thing I touched on in a recent post. Red Sox Nation is certainly different. Not sure yet whether I will succumb to the local pressure or hold out as the only New Englander walking around wearing a Yankees hat. I'm kind of a contrarian by nature so there's a chance I will continue to root for the evil empire just to annoy the locals.

merrifie said...

Hmmmm... contrarian... annoying the locals... this might explain why I was a Sox fan while growing up in NY. Upstate NY that is! Actually, "the city" was not very popular in many respects for upstate folks. I think it had something to do with taxes...

JP said...

Congrats - and wonderful view!

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