Wednesday, May 07, 2008

David Anderson's Small Boat Sailing Adventures

One of the benefits of a group writing project such as our current one on Learning Experiences is that it is an excellent opportunity for writers of less widely known sailing blogs to showcase their work, and to attract new readers in the process. Such is the case for David Anderson's Small Boat Sailing Adventures, a blog which David claims is only read by his best sailing buddy and his Mom. Hmmm, we all feel like that some days David, except in my case I know that even my own Mom doesn't read my blog.

David has submitted several posts that fit into the Learning Experiences category.

In We Can Learn he writes about how his struggles in learning to gybe in heavier air remind him of his four-year-old's frustration in trying to learn to ride a bike. Practice is the key, he suggests. Then in Learning is Gud he puts his suggestion to the test as he practices multiple gybes and capsize recoveries in his Megabyte. This guy is keen!

In Father's Day Sail he learned a few things about sailing with his family, and in Mothra vs. Benicia he has a few tips on hoisting and dousing sails while under way.

All good stuff. And there's plenty more where that came from. Check out David Anderson's Small Boat Sailing Adventures.

Thanks for leading the way David. Plenty of time for others to submit stuff for the group writing project. Full instructions at Learning Experiences.

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