Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More Learning Experiences

Two more submissions for our Learning Experiences group writing project today...

Manfred Schreiber from Germany has written a learning experience post on his blog about Shifting Gears particularly in relation to sailing a Foiler Moth.

Somers Kempe of Thinking of Sailing has submitted So kids, what did we learn today? about how he and someone else in his fleet (in Bermuda I believe) really aren't learning from their experiences. The other guy is named Mr. Luff, so you can guess what this is all about.

And here's a recap of all the previous entries...

The Sailor's Prayer and
Motivation by Captain JP
I See Stupid People by IC
Drive by TK
Don't Think Twice by Andrew Sadler
Point Nemo by Edward
Adventures in Boating by Robert Hruzek
Helping Hands by Jos M Spijkerman
A whole bunch of posts from David Anderson

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