Monday, August 18, 2008

Maps on Shoes on Monday

What a brilliant idea... maps on shoes. If you're lost in some strange city you don't need to stand on a street corner trying to work out where you are on a paper map and looking like a tourist. Instead just stare down at your toes and you're all set.

Could even be a great idea for those racing sailors who have a tendency to forget the course they are supposed to be sailing. How often do you hear some dude who surprisingly finds himself leading a race shouting to the other boats nearby, "What's the course?" as he realizes he has no idea where to go after the windward mark. And yes I mean you, all you Laser sailors at the Buzzards Bay Regatta this year who couldn't remember what a T3 course was. Just inscribe the course maps from the SIs on your hiking boots and you'll never get confused again.

Thanks to GEOBLOGGERS for the idea. You can design your own map shoes at Zazzle. But I wonder why they are only doing women's and kids' shoes? Hmmm.

And if you want to buy something from Zazzle, check out their coupon page first.


EVK4 said...

If sperry had any marketing sense at all, they'd make sailing shoes with red on your left, green on your right. Those would sell like hotcakes.

Brian Raney said...

What was a T3 at BBR?

tillerman said...

Beat-reach-gybe-reach-beat-run-beat-finish. Or to put it another way, a triangle plus three legs of a windward-leeward course.

Of course many RCs would signal that with 'O' for Olympic. Or maybe TWLW. But whatever, it was perfectly clear in the SIs.

Zen said...

Things that make you go ...hmmmmmmm

Carol Anne said...

The reason those shoes are available only in women's and children's sizes is that men are notorious for refusing to ask directions or even to seek other outside help in finding out where they are. They'd rather be lost than have a map on their shoes.

(And next, Pat's going to insist that I only imagine that he snores.)

tillerman said...

We don't ask for directions, Carol Anne, because we don't need directions. We have some kind of biological GPS in our brains that gives us an infallible sense of direction. It's a genetic advantage that males have and originates from the caveman days when we had to go out and hunt for woolly mammoth and saber-toothed tigers while you women stayed at home in the cave and scraped woolly mammoth furs and boiled up saber-toothed tiger stew.

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