Monday, August 25, 2008


Last week of August ...

29 years ago I was building sandcastles in Spain with my one-year-old son.

28 years ago I was camping in the rain in France with aforementioned son and a heavily pregnant Tillerwoman.

20 years ago I was helping to run an Optimist sailing camp for kids at Rutland Sailing Club attended by both of my sons.

8 years ago I was helping to teach Sunfish sailing to kids in New Jersey.

For way too many years I was in some glass box arguing about budgets and plans and cost allocations and engaging in other stressful office-based activities that seemed important at the time but seem utterly irrelevant now.

On Wednesday evening last week I went sailing on Upper Narragansett Bay in my Laser. The conditions were perfect. I just cruised around and remembered why I enjoyed sailing so much.

I also remembered...
  • why I retired from working in glass boxes

  • why I moved to Rhode Island.

So I could do this.


so said...

i enjoy the spirit of your blog
keep it up
i had a laser as a kid and need to get it going again
i am a hobie 16 dude now
but water is all good
sailing is good

V. said...

Great post. I am experiencing some of what you talk about, the far too many years in a glass box, but at 32. I am taking up sailing at the CBC in Providence and was interested in talking to you about Laser racing a little more. I have a blog and we can plan a night on the water...

tillerman said...

Hmmm. I write a post with a 3-letter 1-word title and attract comments from one guy with a 2-letter name and one guy with a 1-letter and a punctuation mark name. There must be a moral there somewhere.

Thanks for the comments v. Sure we can talk about Laser sailing and maybe go out sailing some time. Email me at tillermeister at

O said...

OK, it's 'O Docker', but I got the memo.

Congratulations on sailing your age
(a few days ago).

Congratulations on escaping New Jersey (something it took me too long to do).

Congratulations on retiring.
(I have a few more years to go).

After an idyllic weekend on The Boat, I'm having one of the worst Monday's possible in a glass box.

I wish that I didn't understand your 'whY' as well as I do.

t said...

Oh, I seem to have struck a chord with my hastily jotted notes about Why. One other reader even sent me an email about this whole issue.

Maybe I should continue on this theme... perhaps a minimalist post on When?

By the way, O wins the contest for shortest name.

David said...

I want to be like T-man.

Lulu said...

Thank you for this post. Being 30 now I'm trying to get the right course and not regret anything later.
Good luck.

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