Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Do you remember the Sunday before Xmas, before those days spent buying last minute presents for the man or woman that has everything, and racking your brain to remember if you bought them the same thing last year, and driving through bad weather to get to the party, and feasting and drinking and hanging out with all your relatives, and playing silly games, and watching too much TV, and giving each other presents, and telling each other, "It's just what I wanted," whether it was or not, and eating too much and drinking too much, and waking up with a hangover or worse, and driving through bad weather to get home from the party, and standing in line at the mall to return the presents because they gave you the same thing last year?

Of course you don't remember. Sunday December 21 was in another reality. BX. Before Xmas.

So you don't remember that on that day I posted Simply The Best, a very simple request from me asking all you sailing bloggers to tell us what was the best post on your blog in 2008. But never mind. I forgive you for forgetting me. And the good news is that you still have two days to write that post on your blog about the best post of the year.

If you need an incentive, consider this. While you were enjoying yourselves over Xmas the dedicated hard-working judges of the 2008 Best Sailing Blogs of the Year panel were meeting and scoring all the sailing blogs of the year against a gazillion selection criteria. A massive spreadsheet was constructed. Points were awarded in every imaginable category from visual impact to veracity, originality to obtuseness, participation to pomposity, community awareness to complexity, believability to bullshitness.... And still the judges couldn't make the final cut. It's entirely possible that a good entry in the Simply The Best group writing project could sway their decision.

Go for it.

Full details at Simply The Best.


EVK4 said...

Zen said to stop trying to sway the judges....apparently *some* bloggers have gone a little too far posting nonsense for the sake of last minute votes.

Remember that guy last year who mounted a last-minute Olympic Campaign? Shameful.

Tillerman said...

Nonsense (as long as it's intelligent nonsense) will be awarded extra points.

The O'Sheas said...

There's some voting going on? And it's rigged? I'm Irish, why am I not involved in these shenanigans?

Tillerman said...

You are involved. The panel thanks you for your very generous contribution.

The O'Sheas said...

Did I stumble on to some spy-ring cleverly disguised as a blog, uh, ring? You guys are so cryptic and there doesn't appear to be anything at stake. Are you sending secret messages with these comments?

The red dog barks at midnight.

Tillerman said...

Shhhh. They are listening.

The shackle pin of my aunt is in the bilges.

JP said...

That's complete nonsense about nonsense. Nonsense is good - as long as its good nonsense.

Not sure if should get bonus marks for having completed the homework early or points deducted for what was clearly a rushed job.

Anyhow the delay in marking means might have to change submission to another post.

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