Sunday, December 21, 2008

Simply The Best

A question for all you sailing bloggers: What was the best post you published on your blog in 2008?

I thought it would be fun to create a collection of the best sailing stories of 2008, and who better to pick the entries than the writers of those posts themselves? So that's our final group writing project of the year. Pretty simple really because you've already written the original post. That's why this project is called Simply The Best.

Here’s how it works:

1. Select the one post from your archives that you think is your best piece of 2008.

2. Write a post (on your own blog) about it, including the link to your selected best piece.

3. Complete this sentence as part of the post: "This post is simply the best because…"

4. To make it more challenging, the explanation needs to be 30 words or less. (You don't need to count the words "This post is simply the best because..." and you can have as many, or as few, words as you like in the rest of the post.)

5. When you’re done, link back to this post, and leave a comment here please so I know about it.

6. Post your contribution by 31st December 2008.

I’ll then do a wrap-up post with links to all the best pieces and the 30 word reasons why their authors chose them. We'll then have a collection of the best sailing writing on the web in 2008... because we all know that all sailing websites except blogs totally suck... along with what I expect will be some very diverse definitions of the meaning of "best".

Go for it.

Full Disclosure. This idea for a Simply the Best writing project was shamelessly stolen by Tillerman from Joanna Young of Confident Writing who was the original author of Simply the Best:Group Writing Project.


Carol Anne said...

OK, here's my contribution:

I imagine you probably saw it coming.

Captain John said...

This post-( -is simply the best because it is the beginning of something special, and I enjoy the start of something huge.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you found the idea worth picking up and extending to sailing... mentioning my name would have helped me find it though!

Tillerman said...

Fair point Joanna. I have updated the rather meager "Full Disclosure" originally on this post to be a much fuller "Full Disclosure" with complete details giving you credit for this excellent idea.

Zen said...


EVK4 said...

I'm in. I hadn't realized that I've done 191 posts this year. Wow, how did I write 191 times about 35 times sailing? How does that work?

Andrew said...

Here's my entry:
... and now you can comment too!

PeconicPuffin said...

I'm happy to get my assignment in before the last second!

The O'Sheas said...

Okay, I'm up with my best o' the year.

Thanks for cracking the whip. You complete me. Uh, sorry. That was hyperbolic and a little embarrassing; not to mention confusing since there's two names attached to this post. Who do you complete? How do you complete whoever it is you complete? And why were they not completed before, there being two together?

Well, stay tuned, maybe the answer to these questions and many more will be answered in the coming months.

The O'Sheas said...

Whoops, here it is:

Christy ~ Central Air said...
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Christy ~ Central Air said...

As a chronic good girl, I always do what I'm told... 'specially when it is Grand-Poobah Tillerman doing the telling.

As an insufferable romantic and a serious 'it's-not-a-true-yacht-race-until-somebody-is-bleeding' yacht racer, it was pretty easy to select my favorite post.

Anonymous said...


This post ( is simply the best because it demonstrates the most significant achieved milestone in the Ulua canoe-building project, and has a great pic my girls and the hull off the molds.

Tim Coleman said...

Here is my contribution:

I picked my first one of the year, its been downhill ever since.

Tom said...
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Tom said...
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Tom said...

Nice idea Joanna and Tillerman!
This post is simply the best because it appeals to our inner Sherlock Holmes. Or at least it shows what some boat builders think about while they’re building. Ok, and it was fun to write.

Now, this entry is from the blog I've been writing while working as a shipwright at the Museum of Yachting in Newport RI. This blog is part of their official site, and since it's not my personalblog, I didn't think it proper to make a blog entry there saying how cool I think the post was. Instead, I've linked to the entry post from my own blog here.

Complicated enough?

Anonymous said...

I've had a shot at this:

Anonymous said...

"Simply the Best" Sea-Fever blog post: Richard Branson Answers My Questions About Adventure Sailing and Business

This post is simply the best because it brought together all of my passions: sailing, leadership and social media. Sir Richard Branson answered my Twittered questions about sailing and leadership via audio and that was pretty cool!

30 words above but not that good a following directions on my own blog. :(

Thanks for forcing me to review my 2008 blogging and chart a 2009 "proper course"!

Happy Healthy Safe and Successful 2009!

Thomas Armstrong said...

here 'tis. happy new year to all.

will said...

i'm on the road and will get on this once i get home. happy new year. you always have such good community-building ideas.

Anonymous said...

Chine bLog is in, if a little late: Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Chine bLog is in, if a little late: Many thanks!

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