Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tillerman's Top Ten Blogs of 2009

It's been a while since I published a Top Ten Sailing Blogs list. So here is my definitive 2009 list of the sailing and other boating blogs without which I could not live...

  1. EVK4 SuperBlog One of my first favorite sailing blogs and still up there. Has won more Tilley awards than any other blog ever. Check out also SF Sailing Examiner for more of Edward's sideways looks at sailing San Francisco Bay.
  2. frogma Kayaking, a bit of sailing, a bit of gardening, and slices of life in New York City. Strangely addictive.

  3. Messing About in Sailboats The perfect example for the rest of us of what a sailing blog should be.
  4. Apparent Wind Words of wisdom from a coach who also happens to sail a Laser.
  5. Never Sea Land Best blog by a guy with fantasies about women with no legs.
  6. Captain JP's log Sailing, canoeing, life by the Thames, a bit of everything.
  7. Bruce Smith's Caribbean Voyage Best blog about life in the islands.
  8. Look to Windward Best Racing Rules blog in the entire universe.

  9. Peconic Puffin Crazy windsurfer, I mean, even crazier than me.

  10. The Horse's Mouth Best blog about fishing on Fridays.
Bonus luxury item (definitely not a blog): Sailing Anarchy


EVK4 said...

Holy crap! it's April...I actually justified not blogging much any more since there wasn't a tillerman's top ten list to aspire to. Now, I have to blog again. Darn you tillerman.

David said...

Thanks for the props T-man!

Joe said...

Can I have a cookie now?

Jos said...

Thanks Tillerman!
I'll try to keep answering your impossible situations...

Zen said...

09 is getting started... how much did Edward pay you??? Oh I get it, "examiner column" looking for some free advert!!!! Have you no shame??!!

Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

Noice list there, Mr Tiller!

It's hard to get motivated to get some sailing done this year when there's NO WATER to sail on! heh heh.

Anonymous said...

I am honored! I mean it. Means a lot. Thanks for the kind words

bonnie said...

YOWZA! I thought for sure I'd be off the list due to the severe lack of sailing last year!

I do hope to rectify that this year.

Word verification:

Brochili. Doesn't that sound like an intriguing hybrid?

Andrew said...

Thanks for the list. I'd missed Apparent Wind - though it was obviously there in your sidebar. Maybe he'll tell me where to put my feet when heading downwind!

yarg said...

I'm blown away to make the list! Mostly encouragement to the rookie, I suspect. Imagine the luck of having only one reader and that reader puts me on the most prestigious top list in the world of sailing blogs. Thanks.

Tillerman said...

I admit that Apparent Wind is a bit of a dark horse, and probably not very well known yet in the sailing blogosphere.

But it made the Top Ten because
a) it's very well written and
b) the writer has some fascinating insights into various aspects of sailing.

He doesn't just write straightforward narratives of the "sailed to the bridge and back, it was fun" kind that many sailing bloggers do.

Just look at the last three posts...
- thoughts on bad and good kinetics
- a question about team racing tactics
- and an idea from Malcolm Gladwell expanded into an analysis of how to achieve excellence in sailing.

That's the kind of stuff I love to read.

PeconicPuffin said...

I'm happy to be the bull goose looney, even happier to stay on the list (I thought I was toast.)

Now I must check out the honorees I don't know...legless women?

The O'Sheas said...

I concur, except for that racing thing.


All very fun to read!

JP said...

Muchas gracias Senor Tiller-Hombre!

My mum will be telling all her neighbours the good news (honestly!)

Will try to think of something racing related at some point.

(Bonnie: my word verification was Salista, which sounds like a South American liberation movement)

Lee Winters said...

Just for kicks, thought I'd throw mine in for consideration next time the top ten gets revisited. www.sailingforsos.com. Cheers,


De Captain said...

Great site. I would appreciate it if you;d check out my sailing blog @ www.DeCaptain.com.

My brother & I did a 13 month circumnavigation in 2005-2006 & I've lived aboard in the Virgin Islands for 10 yrs. The site has an interview where I answer lots of questions aboat sailing & circumnnavigating. There are also lots of pictures.

De Captain

Anonymous said...

What an awesome list. I hope that you check out the blog roll at yacht blogs and add some of the amazing blogs we follow.

Racing Sailing said...

Great blog!