Monday, June 29, 2009

Singing in the Rain


This guy is nuts.


JP said...

Am confused.

Is this the blog of the Laser sailing grandfather known as Tillerman?

It seems to have been hijacked by "Messing about in sailboats" (known for posting YouTube videos of classic songs) and "the horse's mouth" known for lighting up Fridays.

We should be told the truth!

Maybe need to set up a twitter watch #whereistherealtillerman

Tillerman said...

It is true. Adam and Joe are my blogging mentors and I cannot escape from their pernicious influence on my blogging style.

I am now finding that I am also feeling an uncontrollable urge to make posts about a cheezy chick-flick with a ridiculous plot. Where is that coming from?

O Docker said...

Sounds like a worsening case of Portlandosis. How long has it been raining there, now - three weeks?

Just don't go postal on us.

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