Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sailing Coverage for the Rest of Us

There's a great article by Jarrett Fifield about sailing blogs (and other watery blogs) in the July issue of LI Sail, a digital sailing magazine about sailing in Long Island waters.

The article is on pages 134-143 and mentions Proper Course along with tugster, frogma, Jos Spijkerman's Racing Rules of Sailing and Edwards' EVK4 Superbblog.

Jarrett is a fellow blogger, author of The Good Old Boat Redwing.


Baydog said...

I'm hooked. New obsession. Congrats to all of my friends on the article. Very impressive. Thanks, Tillerman!

Anonymous said...

It'd be nice if that "magazine" wasn't so hard to flip through on a computer.

Baydog said...


Tillerman said...

I agree Anonymous. But I did discover that there is a contents page that has links that take you to each article.

PeconicPuffin said...

Unhappily the article seems to avoid any Long Island sailing blogs (I don't know how many there are in total, but none of those I'm aware of are mentioned) and windsurfing blogs (of which there are five).

I must now go and write the editors.

WeSailFurther said...
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WeSailFurther said...

Thanks, Baydog.

That's a good point, PeconicPuffin; I'll admit it. Why it never even crossed my mind I don't know, and I wish the editor had suggested that I consider some LI only blogs.

There's a possible follow up article there.

And I think that I didn't consider writing about LI sailing blogs because I first wrote the article for a national magazine, and then when they decided not to run it I shopped it to other national magazines. And so when I sent it in to LI Sail it was the same version, written for a national publication; I guess I should have more strongly considered my audience. My fault.

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