Monday, July 12, 2010

How to be British

We British are famous for our reserve, our modesty, our tendency to apologize a lot, our propensity for understatedness. You may have noticed some of that here on my blog... although I'm really not very good at it.

Check out this post for some superb examples of how to be British. The author is summing up an event in which he has just sailed. He says he felt "back in the groove a bit", but concedes that he has "some work to do on some less than perfect aspects" of his game. He says "you never stop learning", and apologizes to the harbour master - "I may have called him a Knob Head."

Oddly, the author doesn't mention how he finished in the regatta. It is current Moth World Champion Simon Payne and his post is actually about the recent UK Moth Nationals - which he won convincingly.

Hope that was OK. Not much of a post really. Sorry.


Pat said...

Perhaps so, but we all know you were doing your best not to let the side down, so, carry on.

O Docker said...

What could I add that's not already been said better?

Tim Coleman said...

Quite alright dear chap. Quite alright.

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